What Happens After I Purchase The AutoApply To Jobs Service?

What Happens After I Purchase The AutoApply To Jobs Service?

Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email with a form where you can submit your current resume and tell us about the industry you are interested in.  Within 5 business days of you submitting your form, we will search for 50 jobs based on the criteria you have filled out in the form such as Years of Experience, Job Title (at least 3 job titles), Location (Up to 3 locations) and H1B (If necessary). You will be given 2 business days to review the list of 50 jobs searched, and after that our service provider will start applying to those jobs. You will receive access to all your job applications.

Our job search experts will do their best to apply to relevant jobs based on the information provided through the form. We do not guarantee interviews or jobs as that does not solely depend on applying to a job - it also depends on additional factors such as job market competition and candidate profile.

As part of this service, we offer 1 revision round with 5 job postings eligible for revision before we start applying to jobs. This is to ensure that we apply to the most critical jobs, as quickly as possible so you can land your job sooner.  In the case we cannot find enough jobs for you, we will find similar roles that we think you are suitable for. 

  • Please note: 

    • For individual AutoApply purchases: You do not speak with a Wonsulting specialist over a call during this service. We apply to jobs based on what is in the form so please make sure all details are accurate before Auto Apply begins as this will be what your service provider uses to search and apply for jobs for you.  For any concerns, please contact our CX team at happy@wonsulting.com!

    • AutoApply offers two options to help you find and apply to the best jobs for you. You can choose to have 25 jobs with industry matching found and applied to on your behalf or 50 jobs without industry matching found and applied to on your behalf. Both options provide a convenient and easy way to maximize your job search and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

    • To maintain confidentiality and reduce your wait time, we will not apply to jobs that ask for extended additional information (e.g. “Tell us in 500 words why you want to work here.”)

By purchasing you automatically agree to these stipulations and understand refunds will not be given under any circumstance as the work performed has already been complete and does not guarantee results.