I Want To Speak To Someone To Find Out More About Services Or The Online Course

I Want To Speak To Someone To Find Out More About Services Or The Online Course

You can schedule a call to learn more about our services here. Alternatively, feel free to email sales@wonsulting.com to schedule a call!

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    • Online Course vs 1:1 Services?

      The online course is great for individuals that need help in every aspect of their job search, and it can be completed at your own pace. If you require step-by-step guidance however, we suggest our 1:1 services. Our services are tailored towards your ...
    • I Would Like To Request For My Money Back For The Online Course

      In accordance with the terms and conditions of our online course's 30-day money back guarantee, to qualify for the money-back guarantee, you must submit a request for a refund within 30 days of your purchase of the program using this form. You will ...
    • What Does The Wonsulting Online Course Consist Of?

      The Wonsulting Online Course consists of everything you need to know regarding the Recruiting Lifecycle. There are 6 chapters including Finding Your Dream Job, Perfecting Your Resume & Cover Letter, LinkedIn Strategies, Personal Branding, Interview ...
    • Do I Qualify For A Services Refund?

      Wonsulting does offer a 100% full refund if you within submit a refund request using this form within 24 hours of purchase. No refunds will be issued if you submit your request beyond the 24 hour timeframe unless:  - Your service(s) are not in ...
    • Are 1-1 Meetings Included In The Online Course?

      No they aren't but this is exactly what our services are for! Check out our services here.